4 Healthier Beers that Might Surprise You

Welcome to that time of year where the beer is flowing, shenanigans are afoot and everything seems to have a tint of green. Somewhere between St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness, there’s usually a lot of alcohol consumed. Think: beer. A whole bunch of it.

You may need the luck of the Irish to cure that killer hangover come this weekend, but if are keeping an eye on those calories and want to consume brews that won’t destroy your recent heart pounding sweat session, you’re in luck!

It’s no secret, beer is not considered part of a healthy diet (wait, who made that rule?!), but those watery, tasteless lighter brews don’t always make the cut, especially when you are in an overcrowded bar knee deep in booze, bagpipes and big smiles. Consider these four brews your pot of gold. Though they don’t all have a “light” label, these beers are surprisingly low in calories and carbs and have a full-bodied, crisp taste that’s satisfying and easy to enjoy. Cheers!

Type: Stout
Alcohol Content: 4.2%
Calories: 126
Carbs: 10
A rich and creamy stout that is synonymous with St. Paddy’s Day, a pint of this brew is not as filling as the dark body would suggest. With 19 calories less than your good ol’ Budweiser and less carbs than a Sam Adams Boston Lager, this beer will put you in the spirit without making you feel too guilty.


Sam Adams Light
Type: Lager
Alcohol Content: 4.3%
Calories: 119
Carbs: 9.7
This isn’t your ordinary light beer. Packed full of flavor with a crisp, cold taste, Sam Adams brewers didn’t sacrifice their methods when creating this beer. Your tastebuds (and calorie counter) will thank you.



Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Type: Pale Ale
Alcohol Content: 5.6%
Calories: 175
Carbs: 14.1
Packing a stronger punch, Sierra Nevada is higher on the calorie and carb counter but with this award-winning beer, less is more. You’ll be hoppy in no-time.



Heineken Light
Type: Pale Lager
Alcohol Content: 3.3%
Calories: 99
Carbs: 7
Disclaimer: I am not a Heineken fan (at all), but boy do I enjoy a Heineken Light. With a premium taste that packs a smooth bite, this beer won World Beer Championship’s Best Tasting Light Beer three times, including last year. They’ve got to know something, right? It’s totally worth the 99 calories.