Road Trippin’: 5 Tips for a Healthy Journey

Don’t you love the open road, the wind in your hair and those (sometimes greasy, usually sugary) gas station snacks that you can’t turn down when you embark on an epically long road trip? It can be easy to fall into unhealthy patterns when it comes to long rides with friends… especially if you are passing through small middle-of-nowhere town where the main eatery is Taco Bell and the closest Whole Foods salad bar is a gazillion miles away.

Trust me, I know.

Not only have I driven cross country twice in the last two years, I just traveled with my Lymber teammates to MINDBODY headquarters in San Luis Obispo, California for our awesome new partnership deal. In an RV. For six hours each way — and that’s not counting traffic. Good thing I like my co-workers, right? And good thing we were prepared.

Sometimes winging it on a road trip doesn’t cut it, especially when traveling with an active, somewhat health conscious, fun loving crowd. So next time you’re packing your bags for your next pavement pounding adventure — whether it be RV, Prius or pickup truck — here are our top five battle-tested road trip tips to make your next journey a little healthier… and happier!

Be In The Know – Since fast food chain restaurants always seem to sneak their way into your road trip diet, be informed when it comes to chain menus. Get to know their healthier menu options — like low fat, low carb offerings — and keep in mind, many fast food joints can modify menu items. For example, did you know McDonald’s will do lettuce wrapped burgers?

Back To Basics – Sitting in a car (or RV) for a long time can do a number on your body, especially your back. Make sure you throw a yoga mat in your trunk for the drive — trust me, there’s always room for a mat — and make time to channel your inner yogi for Cat-Cow, this popular tabletop pose. Not only does this pose stretch out your back, but it taps into your abdomen and hip muscles and helps with posture. The best part? You can literally do it anywhere. You’ll be feeling refreshed in no time!

Keeping That Sparkle – We all know staying hydrated is important, but sometimes we want to reach for something a little more sugary or bubbly on those long drives. Next time grab some sparkling water. My favorite go-to is Dasani Sparkling. It may not be the fanciest beverage, but it is always easy to find. This unsweetened, zero calorie drink will not only quench my thirst but my questionable craving for soda five hours into the drive.

Brain Games – It is easy to get bored on the road. Take a break from your phone and pickup a game. Yes, an actual, physical, non-electric handheld game. My vote: Utter Nonsense. This game is for adults but will have you giggling like a kid. Advertised as “the inappropriate accent game”, this easy-to-pack card game will have your whole vehicle hooting and hollering… including the driver (if they are good at multitasking).

Take A Break – This seems like a n0-brainer, so just do it! Take advantage of those rest stops, the beautiful scenery and just stop the car (safely) and breath in the fresh air. A few minutes outside of your moving automobile does a body good. By getting out of the car and stretching, you can help save your back (and your sanity!).

Do you have any road trip tips? Let me know. Safe travels my friends!