5 Fun and Easy Ways to Beat “June Gloom”

Summertime is underway and all this sunshine has us feeling mighty fine, right? Well as I look outside my window today, that sentiment might be questionable in certain parts of California. Here in San Diego (and across much of the coastal Golden State), there’s a weather phenomenon called “June gloom”. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like — Mother Nature’s way of saying she dislikes us. Basically this weather pattern invades the beaches with low clouds and fog, making many days of June dreary.

While all my friends back home in New York are soaking up the sun at some Hampton’s beach party, I’m patiently waiting for these coastal clouds to burn off. I guess it’s the small price to pay when you live in paradise. So what is a beach babe (or dude) to do when June gloom is in full effect? Here are five tips to fight the fog and embrace your inner sun spirit:


  1. Turn Up the Heat – You might not be able to sweat it out at the beach, but you can at the right yoga studio. Hot yoga is one way to ignite a steamy sizzling sensation while increasing metabolism and flexibility. Transport yourself to a tropical paradise as you embrace the humidity, heat and renewing power that can be found on your mat (and very often on a beach towel).

My Suggestion: Yoga Tropics, Encinitas, California. This studio is perfect for all levels and features intimate classes with awesome hands-on instructors. Did we mention their classes are a great price on the Lymber app, too?


  1. Berry Good! – ‘Tis the season for strawberries and surprisingly all this June gloom fog is beneficial for this sweet red fruit (think: strawberries grow better in moist soil). A quart of local, farm fresh strawberries will brighten any day (and put those taste buds in overdrive). Skip the store and hit up your local farmer’s market for these little bundles of pure joy.

My Suggestion: Super fresh strawberries are a standalone stunner so if you’re looking for a sweet treat to compliment their taste, whip up some easy (mostly guilt-free) homemade whipped cream. You’ll have those strawberries swimming in light, delicious fluffy peaks of joy in no time!


  1. Get Your (Spray) Tan On – If the beach clouds are hindering your natural summer glow, you  might be tempted to find your tan somewhere else. Save yourself from the sun’s harmful rays and get your tan on at home with a good quality spray tan. It’s like sunshine in a bottle! Just keep in mind, the right brand makes a world of difference.

My Suggestion: If you’re like me you’ve learned that not all spray tans / lotions / oils are created equal. After trial and some orange error, I’ve found two battled tested at home tans that give me a natural, even color without that awful smell or streaks: Bliss: Tan for All Seasons | Vita Liberata: Self Tan Dry Oil


  1. Flower Power Fresh flowers brighten up any dreary day. Whether it’s a vase next to your couch or a touch of natural radiance on your work desk , it’s safe to say flowers evoke an insta-smile. I buy myself flowers every week at my local farmer’s market to make my surroundings a little more sunny.

My Suggestion: Try arranging your own boutique! Not only will it help you save a little dough, but you can choose exactly the blossoms (and colors) that fit your mood. My local farmer’s market sells large fresh flower bouquets for $5 each. I usually pick up three different types of complimenting flower bouquets so I have a good variation of color and texture when arranging my own! Want your flowers to last even longer? After snipping the ends of the flower stems when you get home, add a little baking sugar to the not too cold tap water in your vase(s). It’s said the sugar makes the flowers think they are still going through photosynthesis, hence making them last longer… and it always works for me!


5. Eat a Bowl (or Plate) of Sunshine – Do these dreary summer days have you feeling blue? Try ingesting a little extra serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood. Not only will serotonin have you feeling good, it can help your sleep patterns and have you living longer! Foods like eggs, salmon, cheese, turkey, pineapple and tofu are high in tryptophan, which serotonin is synthesized from. Who said you can’t eat happiness? 🙂

My Suggestion: Pineapple. Give me one fresh pineapple and I will be dreaming of tan lines and palm trees. Get your dose of serotonin with a sunny Pineapple-Ginger Smoothie. I prefer to use fresh pineapple and I will occasionally add a little mango for an extra punch of flavor.      

Even if June gloom does roll through where you live, some of these tips can be used during darker winter (or rainy) days to brighten any mood! Got tips that work for you? Let us know!