Studio Profile: Boost Your Workout (and Your Mood!) with Chelsea Rush at Bounce Society

Why should kids have all the fun?! Trampoline exercise is a revolutionary mood enhancing fitness phenomenon proven to minimize physical and mental stress while burning fat and toning bodies faster than traditional cardio workouts. Invigorating, high-energy classes at Bounce Society are designed to quickly sculpt and transform bodies in an exciting, supportive, and fun atmosphere. The Costa Mesa and Newport Beach, CA locations each offer innovative 60-minute cardio and muscle sculpting classes, carefully crafted by an incredible team of renowned instructors.

We spoke with Chelsea Rush, owner of Bounce Society to gain a better understanding of the countless physical and mental health benefits of trampoline exercise, including reduced joint and muscle impact, improved posture, core stability, improved circulation, sleep regulation, and increased energy. Chelsea educated us on how learned classes at Bounce Society can fight stress, depression, and anxiety while promoting overall confidence!

Bounce Society looks like insane amounts of fun! Can you talk to me about the energy and atmosphere of your Costa Mesa and Newport Beach studios?

Bounce Society is a fitness community of hardworking people dedicated to self-improvement, a healthy lifestyle, and being the absolute best people we can be. We offer three different types of fitness cardio classes, which focus on sculpting, cardio, and restorative stretching. The studio celebrates a good atmosphere with overall body workouts set to the rhythm of music. It’s kind of like a dance party the entire time. We have created a really fun, giving, and welcoming atmosphere. 

Were both of Bounce Society studio locations opened simultaneously?

We opened one location and then expanded to the second. We started off with our first Avanti location in February of last year and expanded into the second location five months later when the demand for classes grew. We also wanted to be on the other side of Costa Mesa as well.

When did you first experience a trampoline workout for yourself and was it love at first bounce?

It was love at first bounce for sure! I was addicted after my first trampoline class about three years ago. I took a class at a previous studio in Newport Beach, quickly became addicted, and then started teaching there. When the studio closed Talia Prairie my business partner and I came together and decided we couldn’t let our love for trampoline workouts die. At that time there were no other trampoline cardio classes or studios in the area. We had a huge amount of people who wanted to follow Talia, myself and our other instructors so we decided to start our own brand and method and named it Bounce Society.

How is the bounce workout experience different from that of other workouts?

The biggest health benefit of bouncing on a fitness trampoline is 80% less impact on all your muscle bearing joints. You are basically bouncing on a fountain of youth. You aren’t ruining your knees like you would with running. Trampoline exercise is also much more efficient than running. Ten minutes of bouncing on a trampoline equals thirty-three minutes of running. You save time by making the most of your hour workout. Bouncing also kick-starts your lymphatic system, which detoxes and presses all the toxins out of your body while sending fresh blood to the areas where you need it most. Fresh blood is sent to the heart through the vertical bouncing motion. I can go on forever about the health benefits, but you definitely notice a difference after bouncing on a trampoline.

In addition to all the health motivators you just listed, I imagine bouncing is a major endorphin booster. Your website proclaims, “It’s hard to feel blue when you’re bouncing.” What are the psychological perks of trampoline exercise?

You are totally correct. You cannot be sad when you are bouncing on a trampoline! Bouncing kick-starts endorphins and serves as a huge stress reliever. Bouncing is known to increase oxygen circulation and regulate sleep patterns. After a bounce workout you feel more energetic. Our classes are not only physical but mental as well. Students remain engaged the entire hour by paying close attention and following the different sequences. There is never a dull moment. An hour at The Bounce Society goes by fast because you are engaged. We play different songs and feature different moves the whole time. By the end of class you feel super accomplished, awake, and ready for your day.

That sounds like so much fun! Take me through a class at Bounce Society?

If it is your first time you will take our introductory Basic Bounce class where you will learn all the individual trampoline moves. We work through the nitty gritty aspects of correct positioning at a slower pace than the regular class. A warm up is followed by 35-40 minutes of trampoline cardio. When it is time to jump into the next level and take a regular bounce class or a half and half class, students are prepared for the different dance like sequences where we put all the individual moves together. In Basic Bounce we feature cardio and incorporate the trampoline for toning. We always hit our arms, abs, and glutes for an overall body workout. Fat burning and toning magic happens with the use of weights and different props.

You have assembled a remarkable team of motivated, high-energy instructors. How does your fitness team set the tone of Bounce Society studios?

The Bounce Society instructors are so inspiring, even to Talia and me. We are inspired every single time we watch a class, every time. We constantly hear how welcoming and friendly everyone is from all of our clients. We give our instructors the tools they need balanced with a good amount of creative freedom so they can create a class of their own. When instructors are in their element they thrive and offer the best classes they possibly can. They all have great backgrounds in dance, fitness, martial arts, and yoga and are very knowledgeable. We are inspired by them every day.

That sounds awesome! As you know, Lymber and MINDBODY have recently joined forces to allow fitness fanatics to find classes and ultimately save money. How will this exciting partnership make it easier for students and your two studios to come together?

People utilizing Lymber and MINDBODY are those who are naturally willing to try new things. Bounce Society offers a unique workout experience perfect for the Lymber audience. Our studio and classes can sometimes sound intimidating. Because trampoline workouts are so innovative people may doubt themselves or be fearful of falling. Our amazing instructors guide students through the entire experience. Bounce Society classes are accessible for everybody! We encourage everyone to come experience a class for themselves at least once!

Join trampoline fitness fun! Book a class at Bounce Society in Costa Mesa or Newport Beach on the Lymber app today.