3 Last-Minute, Music Festival-Worthy Workouts

Ladies and gentlemen… Let music festival season commence!

From the 100+ degree desert temps of Coachella to the hot and oh, so humid Chicago skyline of Lollapalooza, apres-festival season has officially begun and that begs the question: Are you in surefire shape to handle the musical madness?

You might not equate the music scene to your go-to workout routine, but those long treks in the sun, constantly hoisting friends on your shoulders to see superstars and that serious multi-day dance session is going to test your endurance. So turn down your speakers and listen up!

With Coachella kicking off in in our backyard, we’ve got three workout + class and studio suggestions based on three headliners that will do your (festival) body good. PS: We’ve even procured some kick a$$ playlists. So get ready to sweat ‘cause it’s never too late to pump up the fitness jams!

It’s all about cardio endurance at these festivals and that last thing you want to be is out of breath. In the heat. And it is only 2pm.
Who: Radiohead
What (Playlist): Bring Back the 90s
Cardio Circuit @ Function First

Adult PE @ Foundation Fitness
Max HR Heavy Bag Cardio Boxing @ DToX Fitness
Why: It’s a long trek from the parking lot to the main stage you don’t want to be out of breath when you are sprinting and screaming the lyrics to “Creep”.

There’s a “Million Reasons why you want to be a lean, mean (balanced) dancing machine… especially in an open field full of thousands of festival revelers.
Who: Lady Gaga
What (Playlist): Lady Gaga Discography
Full Body @ Elevate Training – Little Italy
FIT Pilates (Megaformer) @ FIT Pilates Studio
PilatesRemix @ Shine Studio
Why: Because it’s Mother Monster’s go-to workout. Isn’t that reason enough? Improving flexibility and coordination, Pilates can help you nail those “Bad Romance” dance moves under that desert moon.

Tap into your stronger side because there’s a good chance you’ll be dragging coolers, juggling multiple (melting) 10lb bags of ice and carrying camping gear.  
Who: Kendrick Lamar
What (Playlist): Clinically Cold
Kettlebell Training @  G Fit SD
Kick-Ass Booty Camp @ Graviti Fitness
Sweat @ Crossfit CHALK
Why: Don’t you want to dig in and be “The Greatest” at holding your own in those crowds? And you know you’ll need to use those leg muscles when it comes to the dreaded Porta-Potty.